Organizational Development

Organizations are complex structures, operating in complex environments. An organization’s survival rests entirely on its ability to adapt to change. This requires effective management of organizational structures, policies and processes – such as how you hire, compensate and evaluate the performance of your employees. It is these factors that define your organization’s service delivery, and in turn your corporate identity.

What's more, these internal structures are interdependent, and must work effectively in concert with one another in order for an organization to remain successful and continuously meet its goals. Optimal's performance management solution package is designed not only to establish well-organized internal structures, but also to ensure that all parts of your organization are working together to produce maximum results.

Process Design

Optimal designs business processes that are effective, save time and money, and cut down on waste. Well-designed processes yield high-quality services at lower costs, thereby increasing the consistency of quality products and services and providing the company with a competitive advantage. Your executives and key employees will meet with our team of consultants to determine the most efficient way to organize your internal processes. Once decisions about how to organize these processes are made, Optimal will help you introduce these changes into the everyday operations of your organization.

Measurement Design

An objective and consistent performance measurement system is the most important component of a well-designed organization. Effective measurement systems track key measures across all parts of your business including finance, customer relations, internal business processes, and employee learning and growth. They also help connect these organizational components, thus ensuring that they operate in concert with one another. This allows management to monitor, maintain, and improve performance on an ongoing basis. These measurement systems provide the basis for performance feedback at all levels of the organization.

Optimal will create measurement tools as well as data collection procedures that will allow your organization to collect the most relevant and informative data on employee performance. This information will allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your organization’s day-to-day operations and ensure that constructive feedback and continuous improvement is available to all employees in your organization – increasing employee effectiveness and satisfaction, and reducing turnover.

Performance-Based Compensation

At the heart of a well-designed and managed business is an effective performance incentives and reward program. Employee performance is significantly influenced by feedback, and one of the most powerful feedback systems in an organization is its employee compensation structure. Through individualized compensation, a company can enhance productivity, creativity and employee morale.

Optimal will work with your organization’s leadership to review the available performance data. We will then help you create performance analysis tools that quantify each employee’s performance as a numerical value derived from their contributions to the overall profits, growth and goals of your organization. In doing this, you will also be able to provide your employees with a more comprehensive perspective of their contribution to the success of the organization.

Recruiting & Hiring

Optimal will help design tools and processes that ensure all new employees are selected on the basis of organizational fit, and that they are provided with clear performance expectations. This will include detailed job announcements that specify minimum and preferred qualifications, key behaviors and work outputs, and demonstrate how job results align with your organization’s mission. We will provide your recruiters with both the hiring tools for selecting the right people for your organization and the how-to needed for creating and managing a high-yield recruiting and hiring process.

Adapt by design.

Define your corporate identity with the most effective structures, policies and processes.