Executive Coaching

Your executives are charged with the overwhelming, important responsibility of guiding the organization towards its short and long-term goals. This requires an ability to both prevent and overcome challenges, as well as to identify and leverage opportunities. While imperative to the success of an organization, these responsibilities can seem daunting without the proper tools and training. Optimal knows the methods that have been used by effective leaders around the world for decades. The performance management solution package outlined below is designed to provide your executives and leaders with the skills and resources they need – both to succeed in their own jobs and to guide the company towards achievement of its business goals.

Organizational Alignment

With guidance from our performance management experts, your executives and key leaders will design and implement the following organizational supports:

  • Functional mission statement that guides all members of the organization and aligns them with the organization's long-term goals.
  • Organizational structure chart that describes the departments and reporting structures within the organization.
  • Company policies and communication procedures that help all employees understand the culture and practices established in your organization.
  • A common understanding among all employees of how their individual contributions support and effect the organization as a whole.

Strategic Planning

Optimal works closely with executives to identify the major issues and opportunities facing the organization. Then we contribute to your organizational planning process by helping your management team develop a comprehensive plan designed to accomplish the organization’s short and long term goals.

Leadership Training

Executives and other key leaders from your organization will receive one-on-one coaching by our performance management experts. We will guide them through the process of establishing business objectives, developing strategic plans to meet those objectives and leveraging the many resources available within and outside the organization to execute those plans. These coaching sessions will focus on viewing the organization within the larger context of its business environment and on converting strategically developed plans into measurable results.

Strategies for success.

Be an effective leader using organizational alignment, strategic planning and thoughtful leadership.