Optimal's Clients Include

  • Executives and business leaders
  • Senior and middle managers
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Third-party funders

While we have a particular expertise in working with healthcare and social service organizations, our services and experience can benefit companies in all business sectors.

Optimal specializes in helping organizations whose employees, customers, service, operating efficiency, and even bottom-line profitability are being negatively affected by performance issues. If your organization is struggling with any of the following challenges, we can help:

  • Low staff morale
  • Low profit levels
  • Poor productivity
  • Failure to achieve business goals
  • Difficulty adapting to a changing business environment
  • Compliance with government or other regulatory agencies
  • Adoption of internal policies and procedures
  • Team consolidation
  • Integration of new business tools
  • Recruiting and hiring of talented staff
  • High staff turnover
  • Lack of time or budget for staff development and training
  • Management of external partnerships
  • Billing errors
  • Scheduling errors
  • Customer complaints or poor customer loyalty
  • Disconnects between your organization and outside services such as accountants, payroll specialists and marketing consultants.

Performance Improvement.

Optimal helps businesses increase their bottom line by improving performance on the front line.